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    Insights from Being Erica

    Insights from the TV show Being Erica, which I watched between 2009-2011. These insights are shared at the beginning of the show, and the end. It is either a statement or a question.

    Season 1

    • S01E01 - Change. Sometimes it sneaks up on you. Sometimes it hits you over the head. And sometimes.. you turn a corner, and the world, it doesn't look quite like it used to.
      So where do I go from here? No idea. And for the first time I feel like that's a good thing.
    • S01E02
      • A resume, it tells a story. School, job, hobbies. It's a snapshot of who we are. And at the end of the day, it all comes down to the choices we've made.
        Choices. Look close enough and you can see them everywhere. But what do you do, when you see your life as a series of bad choices? When you would give anything to have made different ones. The questions is: If you could go back and do it all differently,would you still be you?
      • Everyone's got their own path. Some are only just beginning, while others end all too soon. However you do it, the fact is, the path you're on, the choices you make, define who you are. Choices, they're the building blocks of our lives. They shape our past, present and future. And despite all the stakes I've made, every new day brings with it new choices, and a whole new world of possibilities.
    • S01E03
    • S01E04
    • S01E05
    • S01E06
    • S01E07
    • S01E08
    • S01E09
    • S01E10
    • S01E11
    • S01E12
    • S01E13

    Season 2

    • S02E01
    • S02E02
    • S02E03
    • S02E04
    • S02E05
    • S02E06
    • S02E07
    • S02E08
    • S02E09
    • S02E10
    • S02E11
    • S02E12

    Season 3

    • S03E01
    • S03E02
    • S03E03
    • S03E04
    • S03E05
    • S03E06
    • S03E07
    • S03E08
    • S03E09
    • S03E10
    • S03E11
    • S03E12
    • S03E13

    Season 4

    • S04E01 - Have you ever felt at home in a crowd?

      Like you were part of something bigger and you felt this amazing energy that happens when people come together?

      How, despite the superficial differences, you know that deep down we're all the same? We have the same secret needs and the same wild dreams. We walk around thinking our secret pain, our secret joy is so unique, when really, we all just want the same things: To be happy, to be safe, to be loved.
    • S04E02
    • S04E03 - The gift that lies waiting for us is growth, is change, is the possibility that something good comes from pain...and when the crisis hits, when our world is turned upside down, when we are afraid...will we have the strength, the wisdom to embrace the gift that is there and welcome it with open arms?
    • S04E04 - We are, all of us, in the words of Katy Perry, original, unique, and one-of-a-kind. And yet, we spend our lives twisting ourselves into knots, making ourselves smaller or larger to fit in. At school, at work, at home, we adapt; We change. And the truth is, that's not always a bad thing. Or is it?
    • S04E05 - They say that without risk, there is no reward. Perhaps it goes further than that. Without risk, there is no exploration, no discovery, no delight.So don't waste time. Take a risk, see what comes.
    • S04E06 - With great power, comes great responsibility. Why? Because power is an illusion.

      The desire to yield that is weakness, an exercise in ego.

      And the fact is that all you really hold, when you hold power, is all the rope you need to hang yourself.
    • S04E07 - For all of us, there is a tension between who we think we are and what we really feel, and want, and need.

      Sometimes it's hard to tell the truth from the lie.
    • S04E08
      • Secrets, they say, are all revealed in time. Most of us know this; That almost all secrets have a way of getting out...eventually.
      • Some secrets, we long to share, but can't, because we fear the consequences will be too dire. Or because the secret isn't ours to tell.
    • S04E09
      • We spend our lives trying to turn the fantasy into reality. And who's to say we're wrong for wanting our days to glitter and shine, for wanting our lives to feel like a dream that never ends.
      • Trade a fantasy for reality, and you might feel like Alice back from Wonderland. The world may not sparkle and shine, but the ground will be solid beneath your feet, and your eyes will be open to all the adventures, that lie waiting for you right here in the real world.
    • S04E10
      • In a world where cities are vast and filled with strangers, our only refuge is in the people we know. Those people in our lives who share our ideals, our values, our sense of humour. How wonderful to be able to count on that familiarity, on knowing we're not alone.
      • They say relationships are everything. They're the glue that binds us together... Bringing joy and pain in equal measure. And it can be hard to navigate the differences.To be compassionate and forgiving
        and gentle with each other.
    • S04E11
      • Everything that has a beginning, has an ending. Day turns into night, Summer fades into fall. We know in our hearts, that much as we would wish it otherwise. In a world set within time,there can be no beginning without an end.
      • Everything that has a beginning has an ending. Just as every ending creates space for something new to begin... The wonder of second chance, the miracle of new life, the joy of a new love.

    Published Wed, 27 Dec 2017, 8:48 AM by frove

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