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    All good things must come to an end...

    It was in the 80s that I came upon this show that had this song. The show described the story of a dancer / mamasan and her working years.


    I didn't have much appreciation of it then, as I was a kid. I've been listening to this song on and off for the past few months, if not years. Some songs, like wine, gets better over time. 



    踩不完恼人舞步 喝不尽醉人醇酒
    良夜有谁为我留 耳边语轻柔
    走不完红男绿女 看不尽人海沉浮
    往事有谁为我数 空对华灯愁
    我也曾陶醉在两情相悦 像飞舞中的彩蝶
    我也曾心碎于黯然离别 哭倒在露湿台阶
    红灯将灭酒也醒 此刻该向它告别
    曲终人散回头一瞥 嗯……最后一夜

    Published Mon, 5 Sep 2016, 8:25 AM by frove

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