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    Come 9 Sep, I will get to travel to the UK.

    After bouncing on it over sleep for a few weeks, I've extended my return from 17 Sep to 30 Sep. I've bought tickets from the UK to Copenhagen. Today, I've bought a ticket to go to Netherlands and visit my friend Jim, going and returning on 11 Sep.

    This reminds me, I flew over to KL and met my friend JohnnyK on 1 Apr this year, returning on 3 Apr. I had spent 2 days walking around KL together with Johnny, visiting the Batik museum, and eating wondrous food on the streets. How happy I was to be able to eat food on the streets! Very refreshing!

    Here's the email I wrote today to Jim, the friend I kiddingly called Master.


    The flight details are:

    KLM, KL 1002
    London (LHR) - Amsterdam (AMS)
    Sunday 11 September 2016 departing LHR at 08:40, landing at AMS 11:00

    KLM, KL 1033
    Amsterdam (AMS) - London (LHR)
    Sunday 11 September 2016 departing at AMS 20:30, landing at LHR 20:55

    There's a BBQ on Saturday (on 10 Sep, starting at 7pm), where I meet my US director for the first time so I couldn't come on 10 Sep itself.

    I'm thinking we could do lunch, and/or early dinner.

    We'll be free to roam wherever we want. I remembered my first visit to Amsterdam 11 years ago, there was a dinosaur skeleton at the airport, and the vibrantly coloured flowers that I've never seen before!!! Of course, now Singapore has Gardens by the Bay (where we have flowers from all over the world once every quarter, because Gardens by the Bay has a huge air-conditioning unit that can produce any cold climate required by the flowers) so we have those flowers now, but it doesn't beat seeing it naturally in Amsterdam.

    I've started taking my 5HTP today (some melatonin or serotonin chemical) so as to help me adjust my hormones.

    Published Tue, 30 Aug 2016, 9:23 PM by frove

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