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    Guess what happens when you leave an item on a table at a busy food place? People would think that the seat surrounding it is reserved right?

    Here's the new twist to the scenario. What happens if you're deliberately trying to pass an item away? Who would want to do that? Well, apparently, bookcrossing members.

    One of our contributors found out when she attempted to bookcross. After coming to the decision to bookcross, she went to a busy restaurant and left a book on the table. Then, she hid herself at a corner, where she would be able to observe what happened to the book.

    The first couple that came along place their tray on the book. On discovering the book, they thought the seats were reserved. So they walked away!

    Thinking that someone had actually left their book there, the second couple that came along then passed the book to the staff in charge.

    Needless to say, eventually, the bookcrossing was a successful event for our contributor.

    Published Thu, 26 May 2005, 7:04 AM by frove

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