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    Tender tender!

    Having been contracted for a while to work in a very huge (IMO) project, I recently came to know that the project is up for tender again.

    Because the financial requirements for the project is greater than EPPU S3 category, which is equivalent to a few million, of which my business do not qualify for, I have sought out a MNC to collaborate on bidding together for this project.

    In addition, I have asked for a reference from one of the employees working on the project, just to say that I have previously been contracted on the project. Below are my mails and the replies.


    >Hi [removed],
    >I think I may have stated my intentions wrongly. I am not asking you to
    >recommend me or anything else. All I am asking is that if someone asked for a
    >reference, would you be able to say that I have worked on the project for
    > before?
    >At 12:01 26/04/2004, you wrote:
    >Dear [removed]
    >There will be a conflict of interest - as [removed] is calling an open tender,
    >[removed] staff must remain impartial and must also be seen to be so. Hope
    >you understand.
    >Yours sincerely
    >Hi [removed],
    >I spoke earlier to you on the phone.
    >I have looked at the tender at gebiz. As I am not able to fulfill
    >the financial requirement category, I have called [a MNC] to see
    >if they're interested in working together with my company in tendering for
    >the project.
    >Should they require a reference from [removed], could you be the reference for >me?

    Published Mon, 26 Apr 2004, 2:26 PM by frove

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