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    What's on today?

    This morning, I've discovered Wonder Woman! Or rather, SBC or whatever it's called now (TCS), or in the future, was playing Wonder Woman on Ch 5, at 10am in the morning. This replaced my usual installment of Bionic Woman.

    Heh heh, of course, historically, I've watched Wonder Woman when I was way younger. Like when I was between 3 to 8 years old.

    What makes TCS a lousy TV broadcasting station? The fact that when they shifted a show from one time slot, to another time slot, unannounced.

    In any case, there's a thing to be said about old shows, or shows purporting to be from a time period where self-existence hasn't come into the picture yet.

    I've always ordered their BBQ ribs when I ate at Kenny Roger's, and today, I've finally found a way to reproduce that wonderful taste at home, with my new secret recipe. When it is prepared correctly, it smells of burnt wood, tastes sweet, and gives my tongue that tang that it longs for.

    I've just finished another episode of Quantum Leap, and this time, Sam leaps into Chuck “Chick” Howell, a DJ working in WOF-730 AM, in Peoria, on Sep 9, 1959.

    I love this episode very much, as it plays Rock and Roll music that I've (mostly) never heard before.

    • "Tutti Frutti" sung by: Little Richard
    • "April Love" sung by: Pat Boone
    • "All Shook Up" sung by: Elvis Presley
    • "Maybe Baby" sung by: Buddy Holly & the Crickets
    • "Sleepwalk" Written by: Santo Farina, John Farina & Ann Farina / Performed by: Santo & Johnny
    • "Great Balls Of Fire" sung by: Jerry Lee Lewis
    • "Yakkety Yak (Don’t Talk Back)" sung by: The Coasters
    • "The Twist" sung by: Chubby Checker
    • "Jail House Rock" sung by: Elvis Presley
    • "Rock Around The Clock" sung by: Bill Haley & the Comets
    • "Sea Cruise" sung by: Frankie Ford
    • "The Glory Of Love" Written by: Billy Hill & sung by: Brook Benton
    • "Shout" by: Isley Brothers

    I think watching Quantum Leap has given me an insight into an era and culture that I would like to experience some day.

    And now, time for “Love is Beautiful”.

    Published Sat, 20 Mar 2004, 7:04 PM by frove

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