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    I live in hope, and in fear,
    of salvation coming near.
    In the year of 1996 May,
    visions become clear as clay.
    A hospital to which I was brought,
    such fearful feelings on me, it has wrought.
    On admittance,
    blood was taken, for a pittance.

    Checkups reveal nothing wrong,
    A relief it was, my hopes and my dreams,
    was in fear of becoming torn.

    Close friends, brothers and sisters,
    they visit, to shower, with feelings and concern.

    The days passed by, with feelings and hope,
    fear and anticipation.
    Closer examinations,
    reveal trepidations.
    Without rumours,
    doctors have confirmed, I've a tumour.
    Of type, malignant or benign, it was unknown,
    Their faces curled up, said so in a frown.
    Located near the pituitary,
    What they have said, sounded like my obituary. 

    It wasn't discovered too late,
    they said, it was sealed in fate!
    Near everyone has it, all in all,
    they told me, population, one in four.

    A year has passed,
    my life, still lasts.
    I will continue to fight and struggle,
    what will continue, to wear my patience and mettle.

    Published Wed, 14 May 1997, 9:14 PM by frove

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