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    Things to bring for UK trip


    Laptop adapter

    Laptop power cable/cord

    Logitech headset

    Logitech USB cable

    Logitech USB adapter

    Samsung Note 4 LTE

    USB cable for Note 4

    USB power adapter for Note 4




    3 night shorts

    3 night underwear

    3 night shirts

    3 pairs of socks

    1 pair of sandals

    1 pair of shoes

    2 LogRhythm bottles



    1 Philip DreamStation CPAP

    DreamStation power cord


    Extension cord with 4 sockets

    20000mAh battery


    3 pairs of jeans

    1 brown jacket

    1 Astra watch

    1 passport




    Small bottle of perfume


    Shaving blade

    Belt, casual

    Cross pen

    Blue jacket (for office)



    Published Thu, 8 Sep 2016, 4:20 PM by frove

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