The WelcomePage Favourites Editor is an integrated plugin that you can add to the WelcomePage.

After installation of the WelcomePage Favourites Editor, it's immediately available in the WelcomePage layout editor. Because both the "Open Recent" and "Recent Files / Favourites" plugin shares duplicated functionality, I've removed the "Open Recent" plugin provided by Embarcadero from the Layout itself, but it's still available on the "Available Plugins" pane.

Once you've moved / dragged the Recent Files / Favourites plugin into the layout, it'll show up as below.

From the above screenshot, you can see that it supports both projects and files. In the screenshot below, notice that there's a menu where you can turn off projects, so that it'll only show files.

Clicking the gear icon brings up the IDE's Reopen Menu, and while the IDE normally supports a maximum of 100 projects and 100 files, the screenshot below shows that it's been increased to 2000 projects and 2000 files. The maximum limit is much higher (made possible by the code I've developed in the WelcomePage Favourites Editor), but setting a higher limit will cause the Reopen dialog to take a long time to close.