Over the past few years, I've been building a RTL for building plugins in RAD Studio, with many classes and functionality.

With the latest RAD Studio, I now have these plugins built:

  • Add Directory - adds directories as read-only, in-memory, so that any files from those directories will not be accidentally edited.
  • Android Log Viewer - integrated log tool for debugging Android processes, opens up automatically when debugging on Android.
  • Copy Name to Clipboard - Copies the EXE's full path name, or the full project name, to the clipboard.
  • Directive Insight - a comprehensive list of compiler directives that shows up automatically when you're adding a compiler directive.
  • Executable Explorer - opens up the directory where your BPL / EXE / DLL is located.
  • Project Helper - opens all files in your project, or any selected directory, or all projects in your project group.
  • Rename - Provides the ability to rename when RAD Studio doesn't allow you to do so :o)
  • Select or Flash component - provides the ability to flash (the currently selected component in the form) in the tool palette.
  • Tab binding - Allows you to use the tab and shift-tab key to indent / unindent entire block of code.
  • Welcome Page favourites / recent - integrated tool to support up to 500 files and 500 projects, with limits adjustable using the built-in Reopen Menu UI.