Over time, I've been building a ToolsAPI library that exposes functionality to making writing RAD Studio plug-ins even easier, since my first plug-in, the Productivity Experts, which I developed over 15 years ago (for those of you unaware:  a few months before I joined Borland, the pre-cursor to Embarcadero).

The ToolsAPI library, which I call the PluginCommonRTL, is heavily used by a group of plug-ins I've developed.

These plug-ins are:

  1. DisableDragToobar - Locks the entire menu and toolbar to prevent from accidental moves.
  2. Documentation Generator - Generate documentation for your entire project.
  3. Android Log Viewer - Integrated Android Log Viewer, launches automatically after your Android project gets launched successfully from the IDE.
  4. Updated XML summary, the original Productivity Expert from 2005.
  5. Lock Controls plug-in, persistent lock controls setting for your project.
  6. Command Prompt Here plug-in - open up a command prompt to your project, EXE, DLL, BPL.
  7. Copy Name plug-in, copies the full path name of your project or EXE to the clipboard.
  8. Close Search tabs plug-in, close all search tabs in one go!
  9. Directory names plug-in, copy the directory names of all your source files to the clipboard, so that you can use in project groups to debug your projects.
  10. Makes all files in all directories in your project, project group read only, so there are no accidental typos, or accidental modifications by the IDE.
  11. Executable Explorer - Opens up Windows Explorer to where your project target is located.
  12. Rename plug-in - Because occasionally, for unknown reasons, the IDE refuses to let you rename a file within your project, including your project itself.


In this image, you can see the following:

  1. Show Executable in Explorer
  2. Command Prompt Here
  3. Copy EXE to clipboard
  4. Copy name to clipboard
  5. Command Prompt at EXE directory
  6. Add as read only directory
  7. Add directory to clipboard
  8. Generate Documentation



Android Log Viewer:  Notice that the log viewer automatically docks into the IDE (when the IDE is in docked layout). The source for a similar demo is on my Github repo.