I've been learning a new language, Golang, created by Google, also known as Go. I got fascinated by the language some time ago, and when I saw dnscrypt-proxy was written in Go, it intrigued me and I started learning it 4 days ago, on 26th April.

One of the things I find most helpful when learning a new language is the grammar.

I chose to use the Visual Studio Code editor to work on Go. And Visual Studio Code is a smooth editor, assisting me in learning Go, and writing it with these extensions:

  • Go
  • Go Doc
  • Golang TDD
  • Todo Tree
Some notes on what I've learnt

type casting:      typename(variablename)
type assertion:  variablename.(typename)
calling the function Now() which takes on parameters in the package time: time.Now()

More notes on Go coming in the future!