Recently, I discovered that the recruitment agency working for one of the companies I used to worked for had a security breach. And as such, the salary and confidential data of many people/companies were accidentally released!

Naturally, I showed the recruitment agency how they can secure their data, remove the information from the Internet and prevent such from happening in the future.

Companies which had their salary leaked included the following types of companies/businesses:

  • a credit card bank,
  • an Internet transfer accelerator,
  • a business intelligence and performance management software company,
  • a provider of Application Delivery Networking technology,
  • a leading distributor of IT security and Internet technology solutions,
  • an integrated resort,
  • a leading global provider of enterprise software platforms for business and mobile intelligence, and network applications,
  • a multinational corporation selling tele-presence and voice communication solutions,
  • an American global computer security software corporation,
  • a Business Intelligence Software and Enterprise Performance Tools company.