Recently, I've seen an application, that runs in the browser.

It's a Delphi-like IDE, running in the browser, that a developer can use to design web-based form applications that persists its data in SQL. According to the demonstrator, it can also persist to other databases.

I was amazed by the power of the application, though it has limited scripting ability. It can output either C# or VB.NET code.

All controls can be hooked up to information in a database as well. I've seen checkboxes, radiobutton, etc. When asked how long it took to designed this web-based application, I was told it took 4 persons, 2 years.

I consider the designer application, the engine. The applications designed by the engine requires the engine itself to run. During the demonstration, I've seen roughly 200 applications.

However, the components placed on the forms are all limited to one row, one column (I believe).

For readers who've requested the URL, here it is: