It seems that there are quite a few customers out there who do not know that you can obtain official CodeGear Support assistance for free, if you have an installation / registration issue with CodeGear products, subject to certain terms and conditions. You can easily check the status of your free installation / registration support case also.

In addition, there are articles written by everyone in CodeGear Support. These articles are a result of cases filed by customers, or research done by Support personnel, or both.

Some common mistakes made by customers when they file an installation / registration case are a combination of forgetting one of the following:

  • To provide the serial number of the product you're having trouble with.
  • To provide the Developer Network (DN) login account name or email address of the DN account if you're having a registration issue with.
  • Using a different email address than the one in the DN account.
  • To provide the specific error message encountered.
  • Read the readme, install, or deploy notes for the product you're installing / registering.
  • Selecting the correct region where you're located (to ensure that the Support personnel attending to your case is more culturally attuned to the language / intonation of voice, etc)

Though instructions are provided on the page leading to the filing of a free support case, sometimes, it is easy for customers to forget.

What are the ways that you and other CodeGear customers think that we can improve upon our processes?