Looked into how to generate cab files today, and how an INF file describes what's in the cab file, and so on and so forth.

Microsoft's document on it is available at: "About the INF architecture". From reading the document, it looks like I have to read the generated version information from the OCX file.

This looks like a ready candidate for the TFileVersionInfo component that I've written more than 2 years ago, around Aug 2004.

As a professional developer and consultant way before I'm working for my current company, I have a lot of components that I've developed while contracting my services to others. Previously, it had not occurred to me that when developing code for others, I need to retain my own copyright on my own code, since if I do not retain my own code, I can't reuse code that I've previously written. It wasn't until a very close friend advised on it that I started doing so in around 2001.

I'm getting a bit done every day, so hopefully, I'll see the fruits of my labour pretty soon.