These past two days had been vacation time for me. I've taken the opportunity to rest my tired body and mind. At the same time, yesterday, I've begun work on a new revamped version of the Web Deploy plug-in for BDS 2005, BDS 2006 and beyond.

Much of the new work on the revamped version of the Web Deploy centers on more efficient and faster code for

  1. How to detect the width and height of web deployable items
  2. Detecting which units contain web deployable items
  3. Extracting the names of the web deployable items
  4. Extracting the GUID of the web deployable items

To that end, I've reused some code from the library that I've written for Productivity Experts.

What constitutes a web deployable item? Examining the HTML output from the Delphi 7 Web Deploy functionality and Microsoft's OLEView leads me to the conclusion that a web deployable item is a CoClass which has both a dispatch interface and an interface.

In addition, I've looked issues reported by users of my plug-in, and I'm looking into fixing some of these reported issues.