A month ago, I introduced the Productivity Experts. Since then, I'm glad to report that I've added support for C# to the XML Doc feature, and introduce the following features: code template insight and MSDN Expert.

Here's an extract of the Readme:


This is an IDE keyboard binding expert that provides the following
1) Region Expert - marks a block of selected text as a region with a keystroke in C# and Delphi.
2) Comment Expert - marks a block of selected text as comments with a keystroke in C# and Delphi.
3) generates XML-styled comments (XML Doc) for code declarations with a key sequence in Delphi and C#.
4) auto comments extension expert - automatically inserts // in between blocks of lines in Delphi.
5) Goto Region Expert - iterates through all open files and presents a list of regions, allowing you to select what region to go to, optionally expanding the region, and displaying the selected region at the top of the editor. Currently only supports Delphi as there's a bug in the OTAPI which doesn't allow it to iterate C# regions. Activate using Ctrl O + Ctrl X ( NOT Ctrl O + X ).
6) Code Template Insight - supports all personalities/languages
Automatically expands any matched code templates. Code Template Names may not differ by 1 letter, eg, tryc, trycf. If that happens, the first match is always taken, ie, the name of a code template should not be the prefix of another. Instead, use something like tryc1, trycf. To try in Delphi, try typing arrayc. To try in C#, try typing tryc.
7) MSDN Help expert - provides help using Ctrl F1 by looking up in MSDN with the word nearest the cursor.

I'll do a video demo of it using Delphi 2005 and post it soon.