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    Friendly resonance

    Hello, my love, 
    this is goodbye. 
    With a bleeding heart, 
    I wave with a smile. 

    I fell for you, 
    without warning or a sign.
    Too bad for me, 
    you will never be mine. 

    I'm letting you go, 
    and for whatever we had. 
    I'll drown my emotion, 
    for missing you so bad. 

    .. Your dance
    .. Your smile 
    .. Your laughter 
    .. Your cry

    I never felt this alive, 
    til I met you that night. 

    Adios my love,
    this is goodbye.
    Til we meet again,
    Somewhere.. Sometime.

    Published Tue, 6 Dec 2016, 11:30 AM by frove

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