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    Toastmasters Project 3 Learnings...

    Tonight, I presented the Project 3 - Get to the point: Practise and become better.

    There are a few things that I did well, and a few things I could do better.

    Things I did well: I grabbed the audience's attention immediately by asking who amongst us earned a thousand dollars an hour. I involved the audience by asking them if they know what an Apex Ladder is. I could have said Jacob's Ladder but nearly all NS guys would know. Eventually, I explained that the Apex Ladder is the new term for Jacob's Ladder, and recognition dawned on a lot of the guys who did NS. I was much much calmer, and though nervous, displayed no signs of nervousness.

    I spoke loudly and confidently. I was also able to record my speech into my Nexus One, unlike the two projects, where I screwed up something each time.

    Things I did not do well: I had too many pauses in my speech. Also, there was no need to say "Or something like that". I was talking about my commander. I repeated the phrase "Apex Ladder" twice, and had 3 word repetitions. I also overran the time limit allocated for my speech.

    It was pretty funny tonight, because two of us overran the time limit, and the third speaker won the best speaker by default. Otherwise, I could have won! If only I had less pauses!!!

    Published Mon, 27 Sep 2010, 11:59 PM by frove