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    Soliloquy: The counsel (A revision)

    A revision of a poem I wrote 12 years ago.

    What matters bothers you so, fair lady?
    The interim being weighed,
    hopes perched on trees,
    ready to flee, at your command.
    Art thou pledging allegiance?
    Seeking and keeping counsel,
    with an ally, of
    royal hope and noble having?

    In augmenting thy honour,
    keep thy bosom franchised.
    And hopes, once perched on trees,
    vanished into thin air, like the fog,
    which once was there.
    Set me up in hope, pray upon
    the perfect'st report.

    Hush, no more. Thine hope will
    surely turn into madness!

    Published Sun, 29 Nov 2009, 5:26 PM by frove

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