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    Reflections of the Day

    During the counselling ethics class taught by Sunita today, we were discussing values, so given the following list:

    • Freedom
    • Sexuality
    • Family
    • Career
    • Health
    • Control
    • Pleasure

    we were supposed to rank them according to their importance in our own value system.

    When Maithili and Shelly discussed their values, I commented on it, commenting "caged bird", and "that explains why you're wearing like that".

    Thinking back, I shouldn't have said those. It doesn't add any value to the lesson. While what I said was spontaneous, it doesn't do anyone any good when I made those comments. In fact, if I were in their positions, I wouldn't want those comments to be made on me as well.

    I need to realize this issue and not make the same mistake again.

    Published Tue, 17 Nov 2009, 11:19 PM by frove

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