Making your web browsing experience even more private!

Cloudflare recently launched a faster way of looking up domain names, much faster than Google.

In partnership with Cloudflare, Firefox added a new way to resolve domain names using DNS over HTTPS (DOH).

What this means is that, when you browse a web site, like  the query to resolve the domain name into an IP address is now carried over a secure connection, which no one will be able to see at all.

In order to configure this, if you're using Firefox 60 (Firefox Developer Edition) or later, configure it to the Trusted Recursive Resolver settings given below:

After this is done, whenever a domain name needs to be looked up, Firefox will use DOH to resolve the domain names. No one would then even know what web site (except the IP address) you're visiting at all.

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Published Tue, 3 Apr 2018 @ 9:30 PM by chuacw
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