How to install Ganache

The latest Ethereum tool, is Ganache, an one-click Blockchain.

It's distributed in appx format, which apparently, is only supported by Windows 10. However, it appears that Ganache can be run on earlier versions of Windows. in order to do this, download the Windows 10 SDK EXE, not ISO.

Then, select to download the "Windows SDK for UWP Managed Apps", which would add another 2 SDKs to the installation. The total installation size is about 1 GB. Once you've done that, Go to the installed directory, and run makeappx.exe unpack /p location_of_Ganache.appx /d Ganache_destination_dir

This will unpack Ganache there, then, go into the Ganache app directory, and launch Ganache!

Published Thu, 16 Nov 2017 @ 3:56 PM by chuacw
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