Why Expedia sucks?

I recently made a booking with Expedia Singapore, and had questions to ask.

This was late at night, around 9:50pm (Expedia Singapore closes at 10pm). I got a call in (from my home phone, which is connected to the M1 network) and the customer service rep (CSR) claimed he couldn’t hear me (said it once) and hung up the call.

Then on another day, around 12pm, I made another call, this time from another telephone network (Singtel). Again, the CSR claimed he couldn’t hear me (said it 3 times) and hung up.

So, I got smart, walked into the Expedia building, and called from the telephone beside the lift from the 1st floor of the Expedia building. I talked to a CSR again and during the call, she also said she couldn’t hear me. What are the chances of  3 separate calls to Expedia with network issues occurring?

So, during the call, I asked Expedia about the booking confirmation I received. I had booked a hotel with breakfast. In the booking confirmation, there was a note about breakfast pricing which is 250 THB. I asked the CSR if my booking included breakfast, and she said yes. So, my question is, if my booking included breakfast, why was there a note about 250THB? She then said that information was from the web, and not meant for me. But if it’s not meant for me, why is it in my booking email? It must be that the crappy IT designer Expedia hired does not have enough skills to decide what information to include, and included all sort of junk.

So, Expedia, if you want to improve your services, 3 things need to be done:

  • Your telephone network. 3 separate calls and all these calls have problems.
  • Improve the information included in the confirmation email. Get a better IT engineer to work on it.
  • Improve the above 2 items, or sack your CTO/CIO!


Published Tue, 9 Dec 2014 @ 2:36 PM by chuacw
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