Meeting fellow entrepreneurs at a VC funding talk...

I was at Fusionopolis this morning, attending a Venture Capital (VC) funding talk, and met some entrepreneurs.

Roger Yuen of Clozette, talked about how to get VC funding, and what to look out for. He also shared a joke, that a total newbie asked a guy how he managed to get gals every day at a bar, to which the guy responded, "I'm a VC". So when asked by a chick at a bar what he does for a living, the newbie says "I'm a VC", and the chick followed him into a room. When they came out, the newbie proclaimed, "I was a VC for 30 minutes, and I screwed this chick!", to illustrate that VCs are Vulture Capitalists... ;o)

Met a person by the name of Belle, who talked about her restaurant / dinner reservation site, and I shared with her what I knew about the beginnings of WebVisions, and how it eventually netted a series A funding from Walden International. I knew the CEO of WebVisions way back in my youth, when we both visited the same BBS.

So I met a couple of entrepreneurs, and thought that we could synergize.

Some of the guys were totally surprised that I knew who one of the advisors behind eCop was, and I mentioned that way back when eCop started, I was an employee at one of the companies that eCop approached for prospective customers.

Picked up a couple of ideas that I thought I might want to experiment on as well.

Published Sat, 2 Jun 2012 @ 3:56 PM by chuacw

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# re: Meeting fellow entrepreneurs at a VC funding talk...

Wednesday, June 06, 2012 12:16 AM by Kanesh

Thanks Chee Wee for sharing, it was very useful morning and got to know about VCs attitudes and we have to be very careful of term sheets and agreements. Also don't let them smell blood, they will squeeze more.