Movies CMS: Logging in

In order to edit any portions of the Movies CMS system, the user has to log in to the system to do so.

To log in, the user clicks on the Administration menu, and selects Login.

The user then has to provide his username and password. The system generates a MD5 hash of the password, and attempts to locate a user with the same username and MD5 hash. If a match occurs, the system has found the user!

Since each row in the Users table represents a single user, the specific row containing the matched user is now the current row. The system then increases the LoggedOnCount by 1, and stores the current date/time into the field LoggedOn.

Similarly, when the user logs off, the system locates the row specific to the user, and stores the current date/time into the field LoggedOff.

Published Thu, 6 May 2004 @ 7:00 AM by chuacw
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