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    A strange manifestation of long-term memory

    Sometimes, I surprise myself!

    城市少女 was a musical band active between 1986 and 1990. During one of those years, one of their songs, 你们为什么不回家, played on my sister's radio.

    I've no idea why, however, I remembered the particular phrase "他们说他们爱我。。。" plus a few other words. Since then, I've never heard that song again.

    In Aug 2015, after nearly 25-29 years, I recalled again that particular phrase, and decided to Google it. After some time, I managed to find the song and downloaded it.

    Here's the song in its entirety.

    城市少女 - 你们为什么不回家

    你问我何时回家 我说再等一下下
    我还不想不想回家 回家坐那空的沙发

    你问我何不回家 我说还想再玩耍
    这里有朋友陪我 不像我家静静悄悄

    打开门是我一个 关上门没人陪我
    一切自己动手 没人问欢喜悲愁 看时钟慢慢的走

    他们说他们爱我 要什么都会给我

    却从来不曾问我 真的想要些什么
    这屋里什么都有 却没人在家等我
    我不要空的沙发 我只要你们回家

    他们说他们爱我 要什么都会给我
    却从来不曾问我 真的想要些什么
    这屋里什么都有 却没人在家等我
    我不要空的沙发 我只要你们回家

    Published Sun, 6 Nov 2016, 10:19 AM by frove

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